You only need to have the passport information of all the passengers if you are booking/purchasing a domestic air ticket. For international tickets or hotel bookings you also need to have the scanned images of the relevant passports.
No, you can still access your bookings from the my booking section for a short period of time and pay for them by clicking in the pay now button. This is valid even if you were opting to purchase the ticket instead of booking it.
You can access all your bookings from the my bookings section in the upper right corner after you log in to your account.
Time limit for each booking is determined by the affiliated travel product provider (airlines, hotels). You will receive the necessary information regarding booking time on the booking page.
Yes, after you book your trip you can opt to purchase airport transfer services.
We provide both online and offline services. If you wish to purchase tickets/book hotels via cash, please visit our head office or call +8801950005000 or mail us at for more information.
It is recommended but not compulsory to carry a printout of your itinerary.
Yes, you can select your seat and meal options when booking the air ticket for international flights.


Unless otherwise stated, tickets purchased on our sites are non-refundable. Whether or not a ticket is refundable is determined by the airlines, and the information will be presented to you along with the flight details.
If your ticket is partially or fully refundable, then you will be refunded accordingly after cancelation. Please note it might take up to 5 business days to process the refund.
In such a case please immediately contact our customer service at +8801950005000 or mail us at
If you opt to pay for your purchase via bkash or other local e-transaction services, you will receive a confirmation email/sms after your payment has been received.

Post Purchase

Please note that it might take some time for the payment processing before the confirmation email is sent. In case of long delays please contact our customer care +8801950005000 or mail us at
Whether or not modifications can be made after your purchase is decided by the affiliated service provider (airline/hotel). In case it is possible, making changes after payment may incur a charge.
In case a flight is canceled or delayed, you will be notified in advance and incase of cancelation you may be rescheduled or refunded by the airline.
It is not possible to reschedule or get refund after the flight date. In such a scenario you will need to purchase another ticket.

Hotel booking

We always recommend carrying a printout of the reservation confirmation email while travelling to ensure there is no confusion while checking in. However, if there is such a conflict, please immediately contact our customer service at +8801950005000 or mail us at
You must have your passport with you while checking into the hotel, and we also recommend keeping a printout of the booking itinerary with you to ease the process. For domestic hotels you may need your National Identity (NID).
It is possible to make changes regarding the check in/checkout dates, however you are not guaranteed to receive the same rate as the initial booking. There may also be additional charges.
Payment/booking method and amount is determined by the hotel. You will receive the necessary information while booking.


The privacy of our customers is our highest priority. We never compromise when it comes to trust, and we work hard to ensure that the important details of our customers is safe. Unfortunately, no system is 100% secure, and if you ever have any reason to believe your personal data has been compromised in some way, please immediately contact our response team at +8801950005000 or mail us at